Join us for a fun, jam packed day of fizzing, foaming, flying and generally fantastic chemistry fun. Throughout the day, we'll be doing Tforget the slime - there will be a LOT of slime!) 


We'll be using the van der Graaff in a unique way to make our own lightning with muscle power alone, we'll be designing and building electric buggies, mechanical paper plane launchers and making an automated drawing machine. 


A crime has been committed. Luckily for us by a pretty careless gang of criminals..... 
We'll be using real forensics techniques such as chromatography, chemical identification, blood type testing, matching footprints and lifting fingerprints to try and piece together what on Earth has happened!!


Grown ups are more than welcome to stay and help but you don't have to.


Electrifying fun for 5-11 year olds this summer!
We'll be making lightning with the van der Graaff generator, playing with circuits to create buggies, games, automated art machines as well as making circuits out of some very unusual things!
We'll even be designing our own squishy circuits and every child will get a kit to take away with them so they can carry on experimenting at home.


Grown ups are more than welcome to stay and help but you don't have to.


To book plese contact Emma at emma@lovescience.co.uk

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