We take a look at how fantastic our bodies are at keeping us fit and healthy. Firstly we use UV light to show how easy it is to pass on germs to each other (expect brilliant hand washing for the next few days!!) we then use a number of models and puzzles to explore our skeleton, digestive and circulatory system and, if you are brave enough, finish up by looking at a real heart to help understand why it is important to keep fit and well.




Electricity fun!! After a hair raising time using the Van der Graaff generator, students then combine their problem solving and circuit building skills to complete a range of activities including making games, fruit batteries their very own LED torch and using a innovative new conductive ink to make a fab necklace.




Will those bears never learn, they come back to their picnic to find half eaten sandwiches, empty bottles of juice and, worst of all - all the chocolate's disappeared. We know that Golidlocks has form but she insists she is innocent -  can your students use bite marks, finger prints, DNA analysis and footprints to find the real culprit?




A fun (and messy) workshop that investigates properties of materials and how we can use them. From making stripey floating water, to slime to investigating water content using some amazing polymers, this is a truly hands on - and in - workshop.




Just how do we see? Use and make optical illusions show how our brains are pretty easy to trick really then make a great trick to use on your friends and family! We see how white light is broken up by making some special glasses and put all our hard work into practice by trying to win a race using lasers. For longer workshops, we also get to make a model eyeball - completely out of sweets!




Which planet has the longest year? Why is Austrailian Christmas in the summer and just why is Neptune so cold? Are just some of the questions that will all become clear using our motorized solar system. Using everything they have learned - students create a human solar system and, imagining they have landed on a distant planet, they then design a lifesize creature that can suue in the alien environment.


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